T.I.P. | Seven Good Things Everyone Needs --- By Nancy Helzel

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Love – devotion to someone

Joy – brighten someone’s day

Peace – free of worry

Patience – the ability to wait

Kindness – putting the needs of others above your own

Goodness – choosing the right way

Faithfulness – loyalty to family, friends, country

           As children, we looked to our parents, teachers and other adults in our lives to show us how to have a good life. We may have received advice from them or they may have tried to demonstrate how to live. Most of their ideas might have been similar and some might have been very different. 

          Many years ago, I read something written by a man who never owned a home or a prosperous business. He was not successful as we know success today, but his wisdom popular throughout his society. He wrote about the seven things that are present in all who have a good life. Let’s look at the first two. I’ll write about the others at another time.

        We need love. We don’t just need to be loved. We need to love others. If we spend our lives looking for love for ourselves alone, we will miss half of life. And the best way to get love from someone is to love them first. If you love someone, their happiness makes you happy. The other person is more important than you are. You do not demand love from them and you don’t easily become angry with them if they don’t express their love for you.When you truly love, you love unconditionally. That means you love them when they are both kind and unkind, sick and well, prosperous and poor. Mistakes don’t matter. You believe in them, dream with them and encourage them always.

Spend time with them.

One of the best ways to bring joy to others is to spend time with them. This is a very unselfish thing to do. It requires that you give something else up to accomplish this. It may or may not feel like a sacrifice to you. Either way, it is something they will be grateful for.

Cook something special for them.

Is there anyone that doesn’t love home cooked goodies? Nothing says that you care and want to spread some cheer like something homemade. Cookies, cakes, desserts and more will send this message loud and clear. All homemade goodies are wonderful but it is even better if you know what their favorites are. That makes it extra special. 

Send a card.

Sending a card to someone is a very thoughtful thing to do. Sometimes cards can say what we can’t find the words for on our own. Whether it is simply a card to say you are thinking of them or you're supporting them through a difficult time, it is sure to bring joy to their day. A card is also something the recipient can keep and look back on. It is a reminder of your kindness. 

Give them a small gift.

Sometimes you see something that makes you think of someone when you are out shopping. When this happens to me, I think of it as a sign that maybe I am supposed to get it for that person. Usually when you do, it becomes something that person really treasures. Even if it is something as small as a notepad or a bookmark, it lets them know they were on your heart. This is how it brings joy to them. 

Be their encourager.

We all feel discouraged at times. If someone you care about is going through a difficult time, be their encourager. Be there for them. Encourage them and tell them you believe in them. It is very powerful when someone believes in you, especially if it comes at a time you don’t particularly believe in yourself. 

Be Flexible

Being flexible doesn’t sound like a way you can bring joy to others but it is. Dealing with someone who is difficult to work with doesn’t make anyone happy. Try to be flexible and give others some grace. Be understanding if they need to change plans or things didn’t go as anticipated

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